Weenax: ecoPayz account verification in one business day

Verify your ecoPayz account with Weenax and get:

  • confirmation of ecoPayz account in one business day;
  • free Gold Level;
  • benefits in obtaining VIP Level;
  • low fees or no fees at all;
  • free internal transactions in ecoPayz;
  • free order of ecoCard.
  • How to be verified in one business day and get Gold Level for free?

    With Weenax!

    Weenax users pass the verification of the ecoPayz account by e-mail: sending copies / photos of their documents by e-mailtaking into account the requirements for documents and the e-mail rules. 

    Verifying your identity

    You need to prepare scanned copies or photographs of the documents confirming your identity (to choose from):

    • a copy of your passport: the page with the current photo, date of birth and passport number,

    • a copy of your driving license (both sides),

    • a copy of your ID card (identification card): both sides,

    • a copy of the first two pages of your foreign passport.

    Verifying your address

    You need to prepare scanned copies or photographs of the documents confirming your address (to choose from):

    • a copy of the utility bill (issued on your name and address specified when registering an account),

    • a copy* of the bank statement (customer’s profile),

    • a copy* of any other document issued by a state, banking or financial institution that contains the address of your registration or residence.

    *necessarily stamped and signed by the organ which issued that document

    Requirements for needed documents:

    • only photographed and scanned copies of your documents are suitable: screenshots are not accepted,

    • high quality copies are required,

    • all details should be easy to identify : the text, stamps, photos,

    • without light-exposed places, cut corners, covered by your fingers, for example,

    • the copy size – up to 1 MB,

    • all the documents should be not older than three months.

    Where to send the documents’ copies?

    Ready copies of your documents should be sent to the e-mail of the payment system from your email  which has already been confirmed while registering your account.

    Who to send to – affiliatedocs@ecopayz.com

    Email subject: Weenax docs

    You will be notified about your ecoPayz account confirmation results by an e-mail to the e-mail you have  provided during the registration.

    If you pass verification through Weenax, then the result of the check will be available just in one business day.

    Immediately after an account verification

    regular ecoPayz customers: Silver ecoAccount

    Weenax users: Gold Level (free for the entire period of using the account), a possibility to upgrade your account level to the available maximum – VIP – after a deposit of € 10 000.

    You can fund your account using a card, a bank transfer as well as using other payment systems available in the client’s personal account. Internal transfer from another ecoPayz client is not considered as favourable terms to obtain a VIP Level.

    Join us!

    You need to:

    2d step

    Send a request (field on the right) with  the information about your new ecoPayz account to use the full package of services from Weenax.

    Attention! In order to join Weenax program, you need to fill out the application form and send ecoPayz account number (ID) separately for each currency. 

    Fill out the application

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