Weenax: ecoPayz account verification in 2 hours

Verify your ecoPayz account with Weenax:

  • cashback up to 1%;
  • confirmation of ecoPayz account in 2 hours*;
  • free Gold Status;
  • benefits in obtaining VIP Status;
  • low fees or no fees at all;
  • free internal transactions in ecoPayz.
  • * verification in two hours during business hours from Monday to Friday

    How to be verified in 2 hours * and get Gold Status for free?

    Weenax users pass the verification of the ecoPayz account by e-mail: sending copies / photos of their documents by e-mail,

    taking into account the requirements for documents and the e-mail rules. 

    Verifying your identity

    You need to prepare scanned copies or photographs of the documents confirming your identity (to choose from):

    • a copy of your passport: the page with the current photo, date of birth and passport number,

    • a copy of your driving license (both sides),

    • a copy of your ID card (identification card): both sides,

    • a copy of the first two pages of your foreign passport.

    Verifying your address

    You need to prepare scanned copies or photographs of the documents confirming your address (to choose from):

    • a copy of the utility bill (issued on your name and address specified when registering an account),

    • a copy * of the bank statement (customer’s profile),

    • a copy * of any other document issued by a state, banking or financial institution that contains the address of your registration or residence.

    * necessarily stamped and signed by the organ which issued that document

    Requirements for needed documents:

    • only photographed and scanned copies of your documents are suitable: screenshots are not accepted,

    • high quality copies are required,

    • all details should be easy to identify : the text, stamps, photos,

    • without light-exposed places, cut corners, covered by your fingers, for example,

    • the copy size – up to 1 MB,

    • all the documents should be not older than three months.

    Where to send the documents’ copies?

    Ready copies of your documents should be sent to the e-mail of the payment system from your email  which has already been confirmed while registering your account.

    Who to send to – affiliat[email protected]

    Email subject: Weenax docs

    You will be notified about your ecoPayz account confirmation results by an e-mail to the e-mail you have  provided during the registration.

    If you pass verification through Weenax, then the result of the check will be available just in 1-2 hours on workdays.

    Immediately after an account verification

    regular ecoPayz customers:

    Weenax users:

    You can fund your account using a card, a bank transfer as well as using other payment systems available in the client’s personal account. Internal transfer from another ecoPayz client is not considered as  favourable terms to obtain a VIP Status

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    Send a request (field on the right) with  the information about your new ecoPayz account to use the full package of services and cashback from Weenax.

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