MuchBetter - benefits and review

MuchBetter: the benefit for Weenax customers

  • free p2p transfers;
  • always open technical support from Weenax;
  • all conditions for gamblers and gamers;
  • many options for input and output.
  • MuchBetter is an electronic wallet in your phone. In many ways, it bypasses its competitors. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play using our link to get more benefits!

    What can you do with MuchBetter?

    Keep money

    they are safely hidden in foreign jurisdictions

    Make and request transfers

    instant and free worldwide

    Make deposits on gambling sites

    free and a good selection of sites

    Withdraw money from sites

    safe and no commission

    And it’s all fast and simple: no redirects, passwords, IDs, additional devices or apps. Everything you need is already in your smartphone.

    At the same time, security does not suffer, because MuchBetter uses the most modern technologies: for example, fingerprint login, fast security codes and a transaction analysis system.

    If you are an EU resident, you can also order a free plastic card for online and offline payments, as well as a special device for contactless payments.

    Why is MuchBetter profitable? The numbers will show

    replenishment by bank transfer 0-5%;

    top-up with Visa / Mastercard - from 0 to 5% (depending on the region);

    replenishment with crypto - 2%;

    sending and receiving internal transfers - no commission;

    deposits to gambling platforms and withdrawal from them - no commission;

    conversion between USD, EUR and GBP - 0.99%;

    SEPA withdrawal - 2.2%;

    withdrawal crypto - 2%;

    bank transfer - 0-5%.

    This payment system has already proven itself well in Europe, which is why Weenax includes it in its loyalty program. With us, as always, it is easier and more profitable to use an online wallet.

    Weenax will help:

    Verify an account by e-mail

    It is faster and easier than using the app, besides, we can advise you at all stages of verification.

    Solve any issues

    We understand the functionality, select input-output methods, look for a way out of problem situations.

    Ready to get started?

    download the application from our partner link;

    be sure to fill out an application to join Weenax;

    go through verification to open all the functionality;

    come to Weenax with questions!

    Use MuchBetter with Weenax!

    You need to:

    2d step

    Send a request (field on the right) with the information about your new MuchBetter account to use the full package of services from Weenax.

    Fill out the application:

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    • MuchBetter Email*:
    • MuchBetter wallet number*:
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.