NETELLER Verification

NETELLER verification with Weenax:

  • fast: Weenax clients are verified on a priority basis;
  • free: no entry fee;
  • profitable: with free Bronze Pro and preferential Silver from Weenax;
  • easy: Weenax support is ready to answer all your questions.
  • NETELLER account verification is an easy way to remove your wallet limits and increase its safety 

    Right after the registration, you can start a verification process as an unverified account has a limit of up to $ 2000 per year for all transactions. In addition, it can be blocked any time by a NETELLER Security Service until you complete the verification process.

    You can verify your personal data in several ways:

    Super fast and free – with Weenax

    Take a photo of prepared documents using webcam

    $5 - fast account upload

    Using the mobile App for iPhone and Android

    Your account will be verified within 24 hours with Weenax, provided that all needed documents are properly uploaded.

    How to pass verification in NETELLER: step by step instructions

    Begin the verification process. To make it even easier, you can link your Facebook account – but it’s not necessary.

    Choose how you want to verify: from your PC (you’ll need a webcam) or using the mobile app. In these instructions, we will talk about the first method.

    Choose the type of document you want to verify your identity with and the country where it was issued. Please also note that your name and date of birth should be mentioned there. 

    Now you need to download a scan or a clear photo of the selected document. You can also take a picture of a document with a webcam – the main thing is to have good light in the room, so the picture will be readable and clear.

    Follow the instructions in the system, providing all pages/sides of the document.

    You will then receive a message indicating that the documents have been sent for verification.

    The next step is to confirm the ownership of the account. To do this, you need to allow the browser access to the webcam and start the face verification procedure.

    Take selfies according to the instructions, placing your face in an oval on the screen. Wait for the photo quality check to finish.

    You can check the address by geolocation. To do this, you need to set up access to geodata in your browser, following NETELLER instructions. But you will still need to upload documents, so you can go straight to this step.

    Choose the second option – uploading documents.

    Choose one of the documents provided in the list and upload its electronic copy or scan. The document must not be older than three months. After that you will receive a message that the document has been submitted for verification.

    You can control the process of your data verification  in a separate «Summary» window. There you can also see the status of your identity and address verification.

    As soon as your verification is complete, you will be notified by email.

    If you have any questions during the verification process, feel free to contact the Weenax support team via the online chat on this website. We will tell you how to do everything correctly.

    When verifying identity in NETELLER, you can use a passport, passport, ID-card, driver's license, residence permit - a document with your full name and year of birth. The list may depend on the country where you live.

    You can use a utility receipt, bank statement, tax return, or any other document issued by a government agency or financial institution to verify your address. The document must be received no earlier than three months before verification, otherwise you can get a refusal.

    The size of the documents should not exceed 5MB, the format can be .JPG, .JPEG, .BMP, .GIF or PDF. Partially captured documents with only one part indicated are not accepted.

    Remember that after verification you can get a free Bronze Pro from Weenax. And if you made $ 5,000 in deposits with NETELLER to sites, you can immediately get VIP Silver instead of Bronze from Weenax (upon request).

    Do you still have questions about your account verification? Weenax Support will help you resolve almost any situation concerning the payment system work via our online chat, Skype, social media (Facebook, VK) and e-mail.

    Weenax will help you to maximize the capabilities of the payment system and make them more profitable. Join now!

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