TRASTRA Visa debit card

Enjoy the benefits of a TRASTRA Visa debit card:

  • Replenishment of the card from the TRASTRA crypto wallet;
  • Instant exchange of digital currencies to euros;
  • Personal IBAN for traditional payments;
  • Delivery within the countries of the European Economic Area.
  • TRASTRA is an electronic wallet that combines the advantages and freedom of cryptocurrency transactions with the convenience of traditional fiat infrastructure. On the one hand, there is a crypto wallet for virtual transfers in BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, USDC; while on the other hand, there is a convenient card.

    The TRASTRA debit card is:

    a Visa debit card which is accepted worldwide;

    a tool for instant conversion of cryptocurrencies into euros;

    a quick way to cash out any cryptocurrency at an ATM or pay it in a store;

    an account for payments by IBAN number.

    How the TRASTRA Visa card differs from other cards

    The card has high limits: €300 per day at an ATM and €7,700 per day when paying in stores.

    It is easy to operate on the go, with full control through the mobile app. Besides, the card can be instantly frozen and turned on again.

    It serves for cashing money at an ATM, shopping in offline and online stores, depositing on Internet sites, and replenishing your other cards.

    The card keeps you informed: you receive push notifications on your phone and email about all events happening within your account.

    Contactless payments in TRASTRA are:

    payments by proximity or touch using the PayPass technology - just hold your card near a payment terminal to pay for the goods;

    payments via a device: add the card to a phone, smartwatch, or another device compatible with the contactless payment technology so that you can make payments with them instead of the card;

    payments through special services: you can add the card to Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

    How to get and use the TRASTRA card

    Make sure that you have passed your identity verification for your account.
    If you are a resident of a European country, order a card to your address – it costs €9, but if your TRASTRA account was opened through Weenax you will get 50% back.

    Wait for a free delivery. When received, do not forget that €15 will be charged every year for the card.

    Now you can top up your card from a cryptocurrency wallet or IBAN number to use it for payments and purchases around the world.

    TRASTRA guarantees the security of your payments and no transaction problems. You no longer need multiple intermediaries or banks. With TRASTRA, you will avoid multiple identity checks, translations, and documents – you go through the verification process once and for all.

    Register with TRASTRA and take a step into the cryptocurrency future!

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