Sign up to ecoPayz with Weenax to get all benefits

Sign up to ecoPayz with Weenax and get bonuses. You need only:

  • to register an ecoPayz account and enter personal data on the payment system website;
  • to send a request - for guaranteed Weenax bonuses;
  • to set up a security question - for account reliability;
  • to confirm your email - for convenience while using the wallet.
  • How to sign up to ecoPayz account with Weenax?

    Following the link, you will immediately get to the ecoPayz registration form. By default, the language of your country is selected to be displayed in the form. If desired it can be easily changed to a convenient one – at the bottom of the page.

    – username: the login that will be used to log into the system (it must be different from the login of your e-mail, otherwise opening an account with ecoPayz is not possible),
    – e-mail which has to be confirmed,
    – password, at least 8 characters and duplicate it,
    – resident country,
    – choose the language to show the information,
    – and account currency (that will be the main account and after verification you can add an unlimited number of accounts in different currencies).

    In the “Personal Information” section you need to enter data in Latin letters, as it is written in your passport or on a bank card (while registering a bank account). Any online transliteration service will help to quickly translate the name, surname, address from Cyrillic to Latin.
    So, you need to enter:
    • name and surname,
    • your full date of birth,
    • address of residence (which you will be able to confirm with a bank statement or a utility bill),
    • mobile phone number including country code (required field).Please, note that it is important to give a valid phone number so that ecoPayz support can contact you in case of a password loss, an account lock and any other issues.
    • CAPTCHA – verification code symbols.

    Read and, if you are agree, accept the terms of use of ecoAccount (tick the appropriate box).

    Choose advertising options whether you would like to receive news and special offers from ecoPayz via email and/or SMS or not.

    Check if the entered data are correct and click “Create an account” button to continue the application process.

    Then a new window will open with a short training course.

    Having filled in a registration form, you will automayically be transferred to your personal ecoAccount.

    How to ask a security question?

    Next you need to ask a security question (it’s required) to ensure the security of your account.

    For that you will need:

    – go to your “Account Settings” (click “gear” icon in your personal cabinet);

    – select the “Security” tab;

    – click “Change” security question;

    – in the opened list of questions, choose the most convenient or memorable one and write your answer (in Latin);

    – click “Save”.

    How to confirm your email address?

    In the “Settings” on the “Security” tab, select the “Email Address” window and click “Send a verification message”.

    Then you have to open your e-mail and look for a letter from ecoPayz (from the e-mail

    In the letter there will be a link to confirm  your e-mail. By clicking the link  you confirm (verify) it.

    If  you have not found this letter – check the “Spam” folder and often letters of such kind get there automatically.

    Please note that in the “Settings” / “Account” section a 10-digit Primary account number is dispalyed, so that is the ecoPayz account ID.

    The main steps are completed, you only need:

    - send us a request to join Weenax;

    - pass a verification process, which will be a simplified one with us (from 15 minutes to 2 hours on working days).

    Join us!

    You need to:

    2d step

    Send a request (field on the right) with the information about your new ecoPayz account to use the full package of services from Weenax.

    Attention! In order to join Weenax program, you need to fill out the application form and send ecoPayz account number (ID) separately for each currency. 

    Fill out the application

    Форма ecoPayz en

    • ecoPayz email*:
    • ecoPayz ID*:
    • Contact:
    • Partner code:
    • Your message:
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.