Skrill Benefits

Using your Skrill wallet with Weenax is easier and cheaper because:

  • Cash Bonus for depositing of up to 0,5%;
  • priority verification;
  • verification without an entry fee;
  • professional support.
  • Tens of millions have already evaluated Skrill highly. What else can be added to well-developed payment system? Make it even more convenient and profitable!

    Weenax offers:

    Cash Bonus

    We offer our exclusive Cash Bonus, the size of which depends on the amount of deposits per month: deposits up to € 50,000 - 0.3% back, from € 50,000 to € 100,000 - 0.4%, over € 100,000 - 0.5%.

    Accelerated Verification

    You verify your account on a priority basis with us if the documents have been uploaded correctly. We will also consult you about the documents!

    No entry fee

    The starting € 5 which Skrill requires during verification is not a big sum, but these are superfluous movements. With Weenax no odd movement is needed!

    Professional support

    Our tech support is ready to help you online in resolving issues regarding how the payment system works.

    Weenax helps you use Skrill money without any problems or delays.

    We give our customers our exclusive bonuses (priority verification, Cash Bonus) and reduce fees (due to the deposit cashback).

    Ready to answer any question in real-time mode.

    Why is Skrill Payment System so popular?

    • easy registration: two minutes are quite enough to fill in the form;

    • profitable rates which decline as the Wallet Status increases;

    • wallet compatibility with any gadget: there is also a mobile version;

    • fast and secure transactions: Skrill is licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom as an e-money issuer and, accordingly, is carefully regulated and monitored by FCA;

    • Skrill is available at almost all Bookmakers;

    • Skrill is a reliable wallet for Sports Betting;

    • Skrill is accepted by well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, Exmo, Bitpanda;

    • it is often used by freelancers and their customers;

    • popular in online gambling environments (casinos, poker rooms, etc.);

    • in demand among Forex traders.

    Weenax is always at your side! With us you can:

    create new online Skrill Wallet in a short time,
    you will receive Cash Bonus for deposits up to 0.5%,
    reduce fees of the payment system (at the expense of our unique Cash Bonus),
    increase transaction limits,
    use our support services any time.

    Create Skrill account and get Cash Bonuses from Weenax for all deposits!

    You need to:

    2d step

    Send a request (field on the right) with  the information about your new Skrill account to use the full package of services and cashback from Weenax.

    Fill out the application:


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