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How to create a Skrill Wallet

Before registering, we suggest that you clear up your browser cookies. This is important for successful connection to the Weenax programme. Just press CTRL + F5 while you are in the browser.

Register following exactly this link to complete the procedure as a Weenax client, without the entry fee.

Use your existing e-mail and create a password which does not match your other sites’ passwords or mail services. That will protect your wallet against hacking at the early stages of use.

Click «Next».

Enter your first and last name in Latin characters as indicated in your documents ( your  bank account or foreign passport). This is important  because the entered information is going to be verified against your documents.

Enter your country and date of birth. Remember that you can register only if you are already 18 years old.

Click «Next».

Enter your address in Latin characters. There is no need to translate it into English, just write in transliteration. Use the address which you can later confirm with the document, for example, a utility bill or bank statement in your name.

Enter your city and postal code.

Click «Next».

There are a lot of currencies to choose from.

We recommend opening an account in euro because all Skrill transactions are made in this currency. Due to this, there is no double conversion on euro accounts.

If you deposit to sites which accept dollars (for example, Pokerstars), you can create a Dollar Wallet for your convenience. However, occasionally you can be charged an increased commission because of double conversion.

Tick ​​the box «I am not a robot» and then the second one to confirm you  agree to receive useful promotional materials from Skrill via email.

Click «Create an account».

As a security measure you have to create a 6-character PIN code and set up two-step authentication.

We recommend you to use the PIN code first and we will provide you with more details on how to enable the two-step authentication feature later.

As shown in screenshot 6, go to «Settings» (1), select the «Personal Information» tab (2). Click «Verify» (3) near your e-mail.

Open your mail, find the Skrill letter and follow the link. It will be valid only for 24 hours, so it is recommended not to delay, but quickly complete the procedure.

Your wallet is registered. Now send a request to jointhe programme at the Weenax website.

The last step is to pass the verification process and you can use your account without restriction. 

Enabling the Two-factor authentication

The two-step authentication provides an additional layer of security to your transactions against intruders. In addition to the standard login / password information, you will need to enter the code which will be generated on your phone by the Google application.

In your Skrill Wallet click on «Settings» and then on «Security». Then find «Two-factor authentication» and opposite you will see – «Disabled».

Expand the sub-menu and click «Enable».

You can link your Skrill account to the app in two ways. First, scan the QR barcode displayed to you on your computer screen and enter the generated code into the Authentication code field.

If you can’t scan the code, you can link Skrill manually. To do so, while linking your account, enter the unique one-time key, which Skrill will generate for  you instead of the QR-code.

Once you have linked your Skrill account successfully, you will see the codes generated by the application. There is no need to memorize or write them down. The code has one-time validity. Just use the latest code from the application when entering the wallet.

In case of losing your phone or lack of access to the application, Skrill will generate Recovery codes for you. Better to write them  down and keep them in a safe place. Each can only be used once.

You can generate a new Recovery code or disable two-step authentication here, in the «Security» tab of the Skrill account «Settings».

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2d step

Send a request (field on the right) with  the information about your new Skrill account to use the full package of services from Weenax.

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