Skrill Verification

Weenax: Skrill account verification

  • fast: priority account confirmation;
  • free: no entry fee;
  • convenient: technical support at every step of verification;
  • Verification is checking and validation of user data: identity, address and account ownership.

    This procedure is required to increase the basic limits (€ 500 for users from Russia and Ukraine, € 2500 – for most other countries) and to ensure the security of your Skrill wallet. Verification can be done in several ways: through a mobile application, partially through Facebook, using a webcam in your cabinet or by downloading the necessary documents.

    How can you pass the verification in Skrill faster and easier? With Weenax!

    Only Weenax users have priority verification in Skrill, uploading copies / photos of needed documents in their personal cabinet at the payment system website taking into account the requirements for documents

    Verifying of personal data and identity of the account holder

    You will need to make a scan or photo of the documents confirming the user’s identity (to choose from):

    – a copy of your passport: the page with the current photo, date of birth and passport number,

    – a copy of your driving license (both sides),

    – a copy of your ID card (identification card): both sides,

    – a copy of the first two pages of your foreign passport.

    Confirmation that you are the holder of your account

    To do this, you will need to take a selfie (a picture of your face) with your identification document.

    You need to take a selfie (your face photo) holding hand written note with the word Skrill and the documents sending date.  

    * the note in your hand has to be clearly seen and readable (not covering or obscuring any data by your fingers).

    Confirmation of the place of residence (address) of the wallet owner

    You will need to prepare scanned copies or photographs of the following documents confirming your address (to choose from):

    – a copy of the passport: pages with your registration,

    – a copy of the utility bill (issued in your name and address specified when registering an account),

    – a copy* of the bank statement (customer’s profile),

    – a copy* of any other document issued by a state, banking or financial institution that contains the address of your registration or residence.

    *necessarily stamped and signed by the institution which issued that document   

    Step by step instructions on how to verify in Skrill and upload the documents into your personal cabinet

    Once the process of registration is complete and two factor authentication is set upproceed to the next step which is verification of  your account. Complete the following steps:

    In your personal Skrill cabinet go to «Settings», select «Verify» and in the drop-down box click «Verify Now».

    Select the verification method: in our case go straight to the option  «Upload Images» not paying any attention to the Skrill warning about this slowly method.

    Select the type of document and the country where it was issued.

    Click on the «Upload ready images» button and select the desired image.

    To confirm that you are the owner of your account, take a selfie with your ID, driving licence or passport opened at the photo page and upload it into your personal cabinet.

    To confirm the place of residence / registration, select the appropriate document from the list provided and upload it (click on the «Upload ready images» button).

    All steps of verification and results are displayed in the summary. Verification completed successfully.

    Documents needed for verification

    Firstly, prepare ( to choose from): a colour photo or scan of the first two pages of your passport or other documents where  the date of birth and the photo of  the wallet owner are shown.

    Secondly, take a photo or scan of the document confirming your place of residence. According to the Skrill verification rules, the document confirming your  address must be the one issued by a state or financial  institution within 90 days before  date of uploading for verifying process.

    Thirdly, the selfie with the attached document should be clear and the date of birth should be read easily.

    All downloaded files must be in * .jpg, * .jpeg, * .bmp, * .gif, * .png or * .pdf  format not exceeding 5MB size. The document should entirely fall within the frame and any photo processing in the editor attempts will lead to 100% failure.

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