Binance Verification

Verification of a Binance account with Weenax is required to:

  • expand the deposit and withdrawal limits on the account;
  • receive Weenax’s discount;
  • get a welcome bonus;
  • use your Binance account without restrictions.
  • Binance account verification is a mandatory step at the start of using the crypto exchange. Verification will allow you to raise the account’s limits and move to a serious level of work. Below are the step-by-step instructions for account verification.
    Go to “Settings” → “Basic Information” and find the “Identity Verification” block. Click “Verify”.
    Select your country of citizenship from the list and click “Start”. Enter your personal data: first name, last name, and date of birth. Fill in your residential address, postal code, as well as the city and country in which you live.

    Binance provides further instructions in English. If you do not know what to do, follow our recommendations or contact our online chat.

    Prepare your document and click “Start”. Depending on the selected country, you will receive a list of documents that are suitable for verification. This can be a passport, driver’s license, or an ID card.

    You need a clear and high-quality photograph of the selected document — without light spots. Make sure that all information in the photo is easy to read and there are no bent corners or areas covered with fingers.

    Select “Take Photo” to take a photo from the camera straight away, then “Upload File” to upload a ready-made photo, or “Prefer to use mobile?” Next, go to the mobile application and finish verification from your phone. The easiest way is to take a suitable photo and upload it via Upload File.

    In this example, verification is done with an ID card in three stages: first, the front part is uploaded, then the back, and then a photo of your face. It is important to follow a few more rules:

    • the document is fully visible in the photo;
    • the uploaded photos must not have been edited in Adobe Photoshop or any other similar programs;
    • photographs should only be in colour;
    • screenshots are not accepted;
    • only JPG and PNG file formats are supported.

    Upon completion of the upload, go again to “Settings” → “Basic Information” → “Identity Verification.” Please note that at this stage, the “Face Check” button will appear to indicate that you need to take a selfie in real-time.

    You can complete your facial check using the webcam on your computer, or go to the mobile app and use the front camera of your smartphone. As an example, we chose the second option. Note the selfie requirements:

    • the face must be clearly visible and the entire photograph must be in focus;
    • choose a well-lit place, such as by a window;
    • take off your glasses and headwear;
    • do not use filters.

    After sending a selfie, you will receive a message that verification is complete. You need to wait for confirmation from Binance, which will come by e-mail.

    This option does not become available immediately, but only after your account has been assigned the “Verified” status. In the section “Settings” → “Basic information,” there will be a check mark opposite the block with personal data and an active “Verify” button in front of the block with the address confirmation.

    The address you entered during registration will be indicated here. It must be confirmed with a bank statement or a receipt for utility bills in your name.

    Pay attention to these rules:

    • the document must be clear and easy to read;
    • it must be no older than three months;
    • you must not have edited it in any way in Adobe Photoshop or similar programs – nor even crop it;
    • the only acceptable file formats are JPG and JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

    Select a file from your computer and click “Start verification”. After that, your document will be sent for verification.

    Congratulations! This completes the verification. The procedure is not the shortest and simplest, but it is beneficial as:

    deposits and withdrawals in fiat and criptocurrencies available after identity verification;

    the withdrawal limit is increased to 100 BTC per day;

    the limit for the replenishment of Binance with the local currency of your country is increased, and after verification of the address, the limit for some local deposit methods is also raised;

    you become a full member of the Weenax loyalty program and start receiving 15% discount on commissions for trading operations on the spot market and 10% on futures.

    Sign up with Weenax and enjoy all the benefits!

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