Weenax Cookies Notice

We use cookies like every other modern website project does. Cookies help to make your interaction with Weenax easier and more convenient as you browse the Internet.

Here you can find more about cookies and how we use them on our website. For instance, using cookies:

  • We can have access to the history of your web visits, calls for our support and much more.
  • We are allowed to analyze user requests and, accordingly, adjust the direction of our services and the development of our website.
The following are some definitions and a more detailed discussion on cookies and how we use them on our website.


«We» refers to the Weenax website – weenax.com or weenax.com/en and all internal pages on this domain.

Cookies are small data files which your browser creates while visiting any webpage. Your browser then stores them in order to use them to speed up and improve your browsing experience when you visit the site again.

This technology has been in use for a long time; but, it was since 2018 that it became obligatory to inform website visitors about it. Furthermore, there are related laws protecting the use of personal data of site visitors.

How we use cookies

There is an application form on our website where you are required to enter your payment system data, your contacts, and leave a message if need be. So, we use cookie technology in this online form, otherwise, we would not be able to implement this function.

We promote our website in social media and refer to our social media accounts over the course of time. Cookies link social network plugins to our website.

For internal analytics, we use tools such as Yandex Metric and Google Analytics. These services allow us to record data about you, such as: your IP address, the browser you used, the source from which you came to our website, how long you have been browsing, how often you come back, where you clicked and in what other way you interacted with the site. All listed above require the use of cookies. Such analytics by means of cookies helps us to make our website more informative and functional.

Regarding privacy policies, Google’s Privacy Policy can be found here;  while that of Yandex can be found on this address.

To communicate with the  clients we use the service JivoSite. It collects information about the users’ IP and his previous dialogues so our operator can see the history when he recalls. When you type a message in a chat box, our operator immediately sees your text, even if you have not sent it yet. JivoSite Privacy Policy can be found here

Our website is in two languages. So, when you make your choice between Russian and English, cookies remember that activity. When you visit the site again, it will be in the language you have previously chosen.

Third party resources

In some of our articles, we can refer you to other websites (and place links to them), and even mention some of their information or videos. These websites, in turn, may use cookies differently from us. Therefore, we recommend you find out more about the third-party provider’s cookies policy in all such instances.

It is your decision

We have written this article so that you can clearly understand how we use this technology and make an informed choice of your own.

If all or some of the items listed above are unacceptable to you, please do not use our website.

If you continue to use it, that means that you understand and agree with the information presented above.

Each country has its own laws regarding cookies. They may differ to some extent. Please take these laws into account when using our site.

You can search for much more information about cookies on the Internet to make an informed decision. For example, you can read about cookies in Wikipedia.

Updated 17.12.2018