Free ecoPayz Gold status for Weenax users

Weenax gives users the ecoPayz Gold status for free as well as other benefits such as:

  • credits through the affiliate program;
  • account verification in 2 hours on working days;
  • 0% internal transfer fee;
  • any help with how the payment system works.
  • Here are some of the largest popular online platforms which accept ecoPayz

    The ease of interaction with popular online gambling and trading platforms and an option to do reciprocal payments using a lot of currencies make our payment system popular among:

    Gamblers and bettors: poker, casino, parlays, etc

    Our payment system integrates fast and easily which makes it adaptable, available and appealing to more than 1000 gambling and betting platforms.

    Forex traders

    Our system allows Forex traders to place instant deposits on more than 20 Forex sites. Besides, transactions are with the minimum fees.


    Fast deposits and withdrawals, as well as instant reciprocal online payments are available to freelancers.


    Reliable and instant transactions plus the possibility to work with scores of currencies allows you to obtain full control of your finances.

    Are you planning to open your account in ecoPayz?

    Go ahead and get your ecoPayz Gold status after verification to start using the wallet with the maximum benefits!

    Weenax + ecoPayz offers you:

    – An Affiliate Program in which if the amount of your deposits is 1000 euros or more per month, you will have exclusive conditions for profitable earnings. So, register with us as a partner to start enjoying these benefits.

    – A fast verification process: Our customers pass their account verification in 2 hours on working days.

    – ecoPayz Gold status for your account (which is for life once your account is verified).

    – An individual approach: Our support team has been working online, continuously helping to efficiently resolve every issue that may arise at any time as you use the system.

    – Some adjustable limitsYou will be able to make deposits into your account and withdraw your money with the maximum limits if you have a Premium Status.

    – A continuous business support – such as support with your documents and payment system integration.

    – An easy account upgrade to VIP Status: Our clients are able to upgrade their accounts to the available maximum Status (VIP) after a deposit of €10,000.

    Want a Premium Status in ecoPayz?

    With us, it’s easy!

    → ecoPayz & Weenax – instant and free Gold Status once you are verified and you will get:

    – 0% fee for internal transactions;

    – unlimited amount of accounts in different currencies;

    – low conversion fee – 1.49% (lower than at Skrill and NETELLER);

    – free deposits from bank accounts in Russia and Ukraine;

    – replenishment of your account by a bank card – with fees from 1.69% up to 2.90%;

    – free order** of 3 plastic ecoCards with different currencies; and

    – a chance to create** up to 5 ecoVirtualCards in one day.

    ecoPayz & Weenax – offers a preferential VIP status for €10,000 deposit*. That is, obtaining this maximum status is possible only with a total account deposit* of €10,000.

    * You can add to your account with the help of a card, bank transaction and also via payment systems which are available in the client’s personal account. However, internal transfer from another ecoPayz client is not considered as a favourable term to obtain a VIP Status.

    **Plastic ecoCards and ecoVirtualcards are available in EU countries.

    Advantages of ecoPayz in figures

    The British payment system imposes high requirements on data maintenance and safety of personal client data (two-step verification, online PIN-code for ecoCard and so on). It is easy to work with ecoPayz, thanks to their applications for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone users. And what is most important, compared to its rivals, ecoPayz has a range of advantages:

    ecoPayz (Gold)
    Skrill (Silver)
    NETELLER (Silver)
    Status validity
    Full time using ecoPayz
    1 calendar quarter
    1 calendar year
    Conversion fee
    Depositing by a bank transaction
    Depositing by a credit card transaction
    From 1.69%
    Depositing by an alternative currency (cryptocurrency)
    Multicurrency account in one wallet
    Not available
    Not available

    We differ from our rivals by:

    – paying credits through the affiliate program;

    – giving you an option to receive your payments in more than 45 currencies;

    – quick and efficient real time customer support;

    – offering individual dispute resolution;

    providing a wide number of users by geographical coverage;

    – helping to quickly pass an account verification process; and

    – offering free (for Gold) and preferable (for VIP) terms of your wallet Status registration.

    Get registered in ecoPayz with Weenax

    and enjoy your Gold Status for free and forever!

    You need to:

    2nd step

    Send a request (field on the right) with  the information about your new ecoPayz account to use the full package of services from Weenax.

    Attention! In order to join the Weenax program, you need to fill out the application form and send your ecoPayz account number (ID) separately for each currency.

    Fill out the application

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