TRASTRA fees and limits

It is possible to create an account and use five cryptocurrency wallets at Trastra free of charge. No fees are charged for downloading and using the mobile application. All fees are as presented below.

Fees for payments in cryptocurrency

Account replenishment in cryptocurrency
Free of charge
Instant exchange of cryptocurrency to euro
Free of charge
Buying cryptocurrency
Sending cryptocurrency to an external e-wallet
Fee depends on the priority and speed of delivery
Sending cryptocurrency to an internal TRASTRA wallet
Free of charge

Card fees

Card order
€9 (or equivalent in the currency of the account)
Cashback (only for Weenax clients)
50% of the fee for ordering a card
Card delivery
Free of charge
Card service (first payment after ordering the card)
€15 per year
Cryptocurrency exchange when shopping
Free of charge
Shopping in offline and online stores in euros
Free of charge
Online and offline shopping in other currencies
Internal transfer from card to card
Balance inquiry
Changing PIN code
Cash withdrawal from an ATM in euros in the EEA*
Cash withdrawal from an ATM in other currency or outside the EEA*
€2.25 + 3%
*Additional fees may be applied by ATMs – you will receive a notification on the screen before the transaction.

Card and account limits

Maximum card balance
Maximum card spending limit (daily)
Maximum withdrawal limit via ATM (daily)
Maximum limit for the entire account (daily)
There is no weekly, monthly, or yearly limit.

Join Trastra and enjoy a bunch of free features and reasonable fees for all transactions!

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