NETELLER payment system: registration, technical support

NETELLER with Weenax is more profitable

  • free Bronze Pro level;
  • preferential Silver level;
  • free priority verification;
  • plastic cards (issued for Eurozone countries);
  • professional Weenax technical support.
  • NETELLER is a Europian payment system which is well known to a wide range of users and needs no introduction. It works with almost all Poker, Betting, Forex, Crypto currency and other online platforms quickly and safely.

    We removed all unneeded steps such as verification delays or unnecessary fees.

    Here are just some of the benefits you will get with us:

    Priority verification

    It can be done in your NETELLER personal cabinet in accelerated mode, in case all the documents have been uploaded correctly.

    Free Bronze Pro and Preferential Silver

    By registering with NETELLER with Weenax, immediately after verification you will receive Bronze Pro level from us for free. Then you can make deposits from the wallet to the sites in the amount of $ 5,000 and get Silver instead of $ 15,000. Weenax levels are available upon request. After fulfilling the conditions for deposits, you need to go to the Weenax website and fill out the application again, indicating in the message that you are ready to receive the level. Another way is to write to technical support via chat or on social networks - on weekdays it will be even faster. NETELLER's advantages include bonus points, flexible exchange fees, withdrawal of transaction limits, preferential deposits and withdrawals, and more. The level is issued for a calendar year. There are only four premium levels in the NETELLER payment system, which are assigned automatically after deposits for a certain amount and are valid for a calendar year. The higher the amount of deposits, the higher the level. Having VIP level means having more privileges. You will be able to open an additional account in another currency; order a plastic and virtual NETELLER card (only for the EU); make transactions at increased limits; transfer money within the system free of charge.

    No deposit for verification

    According to NETELLER requirements, you must have an equivalent of € 5 on your account. It is not much but why? We will save you from these petty troubles.

    Technical support

    Professional Weenax support is ready to help you online in resolving any of your questions.

    Any questions? Contact us!

    Our tech support knows everything (and even more) about NETELLER and is ready to help in resolving issues regarding how the payment system works.


    • Reliability and security of transactions: NETELLER is regulated by Irish Central Bank. Along with the protocols against money laundering, these provide users with the maximum protection against data theft and fraud.

    • Widespread – more than 200 countries!

    • Cross-platform – access via browser or mobile application – your NETELLER wallet is always with you!

    • Popularity among Forex brokers.

    NETELLER is accepted by cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, Exmo, Bitpanda.

    • It is actively used by amateurs and professionals of online gaming, betting offices and online casinos.

    • Our own payment cards for Eurozone countries.

    Thousands of users have already chosen Weenax, why?

    We guarantee convenience and profitability of using your NETELLER Wallet.

    We give free Bronze Pro and Silver levels on preferential terms.

    Forget about long verification and high fees!

    Weenax works for you! Join us!

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