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MuchBetter Mastercard Prepaid Card

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  • The MuchBetter payment system provides its users with a great number of advantages. One of them is the MuchBetter Mastercard prepaid card. It allows online and offline payments at various shops, access to the MuchBetter account as well as withdrawal of money from ATMs.

    It is crucial to know that the MuchBetter Mastercard prepaid card is only issued to customers in Europe. Nevertheless, when issued, the customer can use the card for payments anywhere in the world.

    There are some limits and fees on the MuchBetter Mastercard prepaid card. They are as presented below.

    MuchBetter Mastercard Prepaid Card Limits

    By default, there are low limits for the use of the MuchBetter MasterCard. Nevertheless, they could be increased by contacting the MuchBetter Support Team. For instance, it is possible to withdraw the maximum amount of 300 USD/EUR/GBP daily, while the maximum number of transactions per day is 5. Thus, an increase of the limit could be discussed directly with the Support Team via the MuchBetter payment application. Get acquainted with the below table about MuchBetter Mastercard limits.

    POS payment limits
    Maximum transaction amount
    Per day
    4,500 USD/EUR/GBP
    Per month
    22,500 USD/EUR/GBP
    Per year
    90,000 USD/EUR/GBP
    ATM cash withdrawal limits
    Maximum number of transactions
    Maximum withdrawal amount
    Per day
    300 USD/EUR/GBP
    Per month
    2,000 USD/EUR/GBP
    Per year
    20,000 USD/EUR/GBP

    MuchBetter Mastercard Prepaid Card Fees

    There are some fees related to money withdrawal and currency conversion. No hidden fees and service charges.

    Withdrawing money from an ATM
    Currency conversion (FX) to USD/EUR/GBP

    Other currency conversion fees are available the MuchBetter account. Do not fail to check them.

    The use of the MuchBetter payment system is even much more beneficial with Weenax. Send us an application to join us by filling out the form, and start to enjoy a more responsive customer support and a fast verification process on your MuchBetter account with Weenax!

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