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Weenax Cash Bonus

- this is the percentage of Cash Bonus you earn monthly while making deposits/payments from all your Skrill accounts.

- 0.3% on deposits of up to € 50 thousand;
- 0.4% on deposits of € 50 to € 100 thousand;
- 0.5% on deposits of more than € 100 thousand.

What is a Skrill Cash Bonus?

There is no direct Cash Bonus in Skrill. Once you have registered via our link a Cash Bonus from Weenax will be credited to your account every month - a partial refund from your Skrill deposits to merchants. In order to receive our Cash Bonus, you will need to create an account (complete an application for joining) and pass the verification process.

For what kind of transactions is the Cash Bonus paid?

Make any amount of transfers to Skrill merchants for a calendar month. The following deposits are rewarded:

online stores



poker rooms

online casinos

Please note that Cash Bonus is not accrued on all transactions. For example, the reward is not accrued:

for funding your account

for incoming transactions

for money withdrawal to a bank account

for money withdrawal from an ATM

for money transaction to another user

Weenax Cash Bonus Amounts for Skrill

Deposit sum, €
Cash Bonus, %
from € 0 to € 50 000 per month
from € 50 001 to € 100 000 per month
from € 100 000 per month

Cash Bonus Terms and Rules


Cash Bonus is paid to the Skrill account from which deposits/payments were made.


The timing of Cash Bonus payments from the 15th to the 25th day of each month.


The calculation of the Cash Bonus is made on the amount of outgoing transactions to the merchants for the previous month.


Deposits from accounts with multiple currencies are not accumulated.

How it works:

  • if the amount of your deposits in January is € 70,000 then in February the sum of € 280 will be credited  to your account;

  • deposits from different accounts are summed up if the wallets are registered through Weenax;

  • the minimum threshold for receiving Cash Bonus is € 5.

For example:

Money can be circulated like so : upload € 1000 to your  Skrill account and transfer it to a merchant, for example, into a poker room. After the game, withdraw the entire amount together with the winnings . Then you can make a deposit, for example, to  Sportsbook and again withdraw your money with winnings. Having done that 10 times, you will get  € 30 Cash Bonus simply due to the turnover let alone the profit for the month.

Join us to get a Cash Bonus from Weenax!

You need to:

2d step

Send a request (field on the right) with  the information about your new Skrill account to use the full package of services and cashback from Weenax.

Fill out an application:


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